Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer and Heidi are kicked out of the basement; continue to annoy their fellow housemates

Since falling out with their housemates last Friday, Heidi and Spencer have been sleeping in the Big Brother basement.

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However, on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother, the couple were finally given their marching orders and told to return to the main house for remainder of their stay.

Before this happened, however, Heidi and Spencer were already having a bad day, choosing to barely utter a word to each other or their fellow housemates.

On joining the main house after sleeping in the basement, Spencer and Heidi all but ignored Rylan who cheerfully bid them good morning.

Taking to the Diary room, the couple moaned that they were bored of living in the house.

Speaking to Big Brother, Spencer admitted: "I've done my time; I'll be out on Wednesday.

"I don't have the urge to say anything, we said we wanted to be evicted and we stayed, I say we wanna win, it's just a form of reverse psychology."

Back in the main house, the celebrities aired their growing annoyance at the couple's continually bad moods with Rylan moaning: "I don't know what the f**k is up with them two."

And not even the sight of snow could bring Spencer and Heidi out of their funk, watching on as Ryan, Tricia, Gillian and Rylan frolicked.

The couple's day then went from bad to worse when Big Brother delivered the news that Spencer and Heidi would be fully instated back in the main house.

An annoyed Spencer told Big Brother: "I don't know why you're asking us, you're telling us what to do."

Then, when Big Brother asked if they had anything else to add Spencer scoffed: "It's not appropriate language for television so no."

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Later on, Heidi found something else to moan about after Lacey Banghard decided to shower in the nude- much like the rest of her housemates had been doing since living in the house.

With a petrified look on her face, Heidi then rushed out of the bathroom to relay the horrors she had just bore witness to.

In her haste, Heidi accidentally took Lacey’s towel meaning the glamour model had to get out the shower completely starkers.

She told Tricia and husband Spencer that Lacey's stripping down was "super inappropriate" stating: "I don't wanna be around it, not around me and my husband."

Laying down the law, Heidi then told Lacey that she shouldn't change in the bedroom in front of her or Spencer.

After the two left, Tricia comforted Lacey telling her that if they ever said anything like that to her again, she would stand up for her.