Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Sam Robertson is evicted, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt return to the house

Tonight saw actor Sam Robertson become the second housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

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Losing out to Neighbours legend Ryan Maloney in the public vote, Sam smiled and hugged his housemates on hearing the result.

On leaving the house Sam received a mixed reaction from the crowd- probably down to the fact that he hadn't done an awful lot in the house to warrant a strong response from audience members.

Talking about his time in the house to Brian Dowling, Sam admitted that he was glad to be out.

He said: "I'm delighted to be out. I mean it. It's been fun but I've had enough.

"I was bored most of the time, I wasn't really enjoying it, Ryan is loving it."

The main reason that Sam's fellow housemates gave for nominating him was that he didn't put an awful lot of effort into life in house.

Sam explained: "I was so bored. There is nothing to do. There is no music, no computers, no books. When you're watching a TV show you think 3 weeks would be easy but it's so boring."

Sam admitted that he would like Lacey Banghard to win the show.

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Following Sam's eviction, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt returned to the house following their staged walk out on Wednesday night.

After secretly watching their housemates for 48 hours Heidi and Spencer had a lot of bones to pick with them following their less than complementary comments about them.

With the housemates still gathered on the sofas, Big Brother revealed all to the house via the plasma screen.

Heidi and Spencer then appeared on screen telling Big Brother that the experience had been an eye opening one.

Heidi told Big Brother: "I thought we'd be laughing at them and saying 'ow they are so silly' but that wasn't the case, they were mean."

The couple was then told that they had to choose the two most boring housemates to automatically face the public vote.

Heidi and Spencer picked Claire Richards and arch nemesis Rylan Clark.

On returning to the house, the couple received a frosty reception, particularly from Rylan who launched into an attack on the two.

He said: "I've been playing up to cameras? You need f*****g glasses mate. I'll be f*****g honest with you. What the f**k have I been saying since you've left?"

Tomorrow's episode should make for some very interesting viewing.