Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Lacey Banghard and Heidi and Spencer join Rylan Clark and Claire Richards for eviction following nominations

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother saw the inevitable happen: villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt join Claire Richards and Rylan Clark following this week's nominations.

Speidi return to the CBB bedroom but not everyone's happySpencer and Heidi are back in the Celebrity Big Brother bedroom but they aren't impressed with their welcome:

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The bigger question was which housemate (or housemates) would also be up for the chop.

After spending most of this series being as inoffensive as she is dull, Lacey Banghard finally found herself in the firing line for eviction.

It's incredible that Lacey lasted this long considering that she hasn't belonged to any of the house clicks from the off.

First to nominate was Ryan who picked Heidi and Spencer due to their lack of participation around the house and Razor for his continued snoring.

Second and third up were Tricia and Frankie who both picked Heidi and Spencer and Lacey for similar reasons- Speidi because they are false and Lacey because she is untidy and trying to make an extra effort to be noticed.

Gillian was up next, nominating Spieidi for bringing a 'certain atmosphere' to the house and Lacey because she finds her 'annoying'.

Fair enough.

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Next up was Lacey who decided that she had had enough of Razor's snoring and enough of Spencer and Heidi's talk of going home- concluding that she thought they would rather be out of the house than in.

She's brighter than you'd think this one.

Finally, loud sleeper Razor had his turn to vote. Unsurprisingly the ex footballer's first vote went to Speidi branding them 'lazy' and 'rude'.

Razor's second vote went to Lacey thanks to unladylike ways, citing her language and her burping as examples.

So with voting over (it hardly seems fair that Claire and Rylan were banned from nominations) Heidi and Spencer scored the maximum of eight noms with Lacey not far behind on six.

One hearing the results, Spencer and Heidi cheered and jokingly assured Lacey that at least she knew they didn't vote for her.

Good one guys.

Later on, Lacey admitted that she had been feeling like the outsider of the group and therefore wasn't surprised to be up.

So with Claire, Rylan, Lacey or Speidi will leave the Big Brother house during the live eviction show, but which will it be?

All will be revealed on Wednesday. (It's probably between Spiedi and Lacey)