Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Housemates choose Frankie Dettori to face the public vote, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag gun for Rylan Clark

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother saw the end of the house divide, but at a cost.

Frankie sacrificed himself for his fellow basement dwelling housemates. Copyright [Rex] 

Talking to the basement housemates, Big Brother explained that if they wished to leave and rejoin the main house, they would have to make a sacrifice.

Big Brother told the housemates: "To leave behind the squalor of the basement and ascend to the comfort of the main house, you now have one minute to decide as a group, which one of you will sacrifice yourself and be the first to face the public vote."

Very harsh!

After much deliberation, the housemates decided that Frankie should take the hit and risk being the first celebrity to leave the house on Wednesday.

Talking about the decision, Frankie admitted: "[I'm] A little bit scared, but hopefully the British audience will vote for me to stay in."

To celebrate the housemates all living together, Big Brother then threw the celebrities a party.

See, he's not all bad.

The housemates reunited. Copyright [Rex]

As the champagne flowed, the celebs decided it best to try out the hot tub with Paula taking the opportunity to show off her incredible body.

An impressed Rylan told the model: "You should have been a Bond girl like Pussy Galore!"

Paula proved that she still had it. Copyright [Channel 5]

Earlier on in the day, Spencer and Heidi continued to plot against Rylan following his decision to put them in the basement over himself and Frankie.

Seriously guys, get over it.

Spencer told Big Brother: "I'll forgive Rylan after I nominate him for eviction, then we will be even, and then he will be forgiven.

"But no, he is not forgiven; I'll be thinking about it for the rest of my life actually. I know I wouldn't have put strangers in the basement, it's not my thing. I'd rather take the hit and be the hero."

Well, we're pretty sure we know who Spencer and Heidi will be voting for come the first round of nominations.