Celebrity Big Brother 2013: If Heidi and Spencer win I’m leaving the country, says Tricia Penrose

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Tricia Penrose has stated that she will leave the country if controversial couple Spencer and Heidi are crowned the show's victors on Friday's final.

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Talking to omg! this morning, the actress joked that if Speidi were to beat Rylan she would be jumping on the next plane out of the UK.

She told us: "If it's Speidi then I'm going to bloody emigrate. It's got to be Rylan, he deserves it.

"Rylan kept me really entertained. He's just a gorgeous, lovely, lovely lad I love him so much."

Despite saying that she would leave the country if Spencer and Heidi won, Tricia admits that she thinks there is a good chance that they will take the title.

She confessed: "Yeah, I do [think they can win]. It wouldn't have been the show without them because it would have been boring.

"Everyone got on so well so they certainly stirred up some bloody trouble in there and gave us a really bad bloody atmosphere some days, it was horrible.

"Good luck to them, I don't want to be in their company again. Although they said we weren't ever welcome in Santa Barbara so there is no love lost there!"

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On whether the couple have a game plan for their time in the house, Tricia was adamant that they do.

She explained: "Of course they've got a game plan! They get people feeling sorry for them- which we all felt guilty about because we made a few jokes about them- and then they just show their true colours when they did that task talking about us.

"They come in, they are so lovely to your face. All they bloody did was whisper under the bed clothes- and other stuff and all which we won't go into!"

Talking about her experience on the show, Tricia admitted that overall she was glad she took part.

She said: "I always said that I wouldn't do reality shows but I enjoyed the experience. It's been good and it's been bad and I'm just glad to be out."