Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi and Spencer can’t wait any longer, engage in some serious heavy petting

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been complaining for days that they want to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house and now it has become all too apparent why.

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Following a night of boozing with their fellow housemates, the married couple finally put an end to their ban on public displays of affection.

And boy did they go for it.

It all started off rather innocent at the beginning of the evening with the two proclaiming their love for each other after surviving another eviction.

Heidi then took a less romantic approach telling Spencer: "I wanna get naughty, it's been too long."

Later on the couple upped the ante with Spencer spanking Heidi's bum.

Heidi then told her husband: "Again, again, what do I have to do to get more?"

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A bemused Rylan looked on telling Heidi: "I've never seen you drunk," to which she replied Heidi "I'm the most fun drunk ever."

And the most kinky it would seem.

As the housemates got ready for bed, the two then took part in a bizarre undercover exercise.

After telling each other that they loved each other again (we get it guys) Heidi asked Spencer: "I could easily do 8 or 9 more days; do you want me to roll onto you?"

Smiling, Spencer replied: "If it's gets stuck, you can't adjust, it feels like a ju-jitsu move, I'm already locked in."

Heidi then asked Spencer: "How deep?" to which he retorted: "Deep, I want another one, no, not that one, a good one."

We're not quite sure what was going on underneath that duvet but we sure are glad we couldn't see it unfold.

A drunk Heidi then told Spencer: "Good night my hero," with Spencer telling her: "You should drink beers more often."

No Spencer, she really shouldn't.