Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi and Spencer apologise for their behaviour

After spending the entire day ignoring their housemates and refusing to take part in the group task, Spencer and Heidi finally decided it time to clear the air with their fellow celebrities.

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The couple decided to make amends with their housemates following their decision to not take part in the 'DiLetters' task which resulted in Claire Richards not receiving her letter from home.

Rejoining the group, rather conveniently after Big Brother announced the arrival of alcohol, actress Tricia Penrose initially broke the ice with the couple.

She told them: "I just want everyone to be happy."

Tricia then added that she hated the awkward atmosphere in the house and that she was sure that the couple were genuinely nice people.

Clearly Tricia is a much more forgiving person than most.

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Explaining why they decided against separating from each other to win the letter for Claire, Heidi explained that the two thought they would be apart for days.

She explained: "We thought they would separate us for days and that's why we said no. If they gave us a costume we would have loved to do it and we asked, 'Can't we do anything else like other people have?' and they said 'no'."

"We didn't come on the show to be apart - it could have gone on for days like the basement."

Spencer then added: "The clap was misinterpreted because everyone was clapping for each team. And then no-one clapped for us."

Heidi further explained: "I didn't mean to and we talked about it before, and we were like, 'Let's not say anything'. Everyone was clapping for everyone and I felt really proud that we didn't get separated for days so I did a quick clap. And Spencer felt bad, so he clapped and tried to cover for me.

"It's totally my fault, I didn't mean to clap. I just thought, 'At least we were fighting for our marriage' and clapped and then they said, 'Claire's not getting her letter' right when I did that."

Spencer then concluded: "And I clapped because Rylan was like, 'Don't clap Heidi' and so I was like, 'It can't just be Heidi!' and clapped."

Hugging Tricia, the couple went on to enjoy the rest of the evening laughing and joking with their fellow housemates.

How long this will last, however, is another matter entirely.