Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt stage a walkout, watch from the basement as housemates bad mouth them

On tonight's Celebrity Big Brother, Big Brother tasked Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt with staging a walk out in order to gain immunity from the next eviction.

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Accepting the challenge, Heidi and Spencer announced to their fellow housemates that they had decided to leave the house as they couldn't cope anymore.

Spencer told the group: "Seven days is a stretch; snoring, the bathroom smell, I am freaking out."

Heidi then added: "It hurt my feelings when everyone voted for us."

Defending the group's actions, Rylan Clark told the couple: "From my point of view, I think most people's point of view; you got our 'easy way out' vote as we didn't see you. We had to do that."

Heidi then continued: "It's hard to leave with people after you've been nominated. I don't want to live with you guys."

With Spencer shouting at Big Brother to let him and Heidi out, Rylan began to suspect that all was not what it seemed.

Discussing the couple with Tricia and Claire in the bedroom, all three agreed that there was something off about their decision to leave.

Leaving the house, Heidi told the housemates: "Don't take this game too personally."

On entering the basement, Heidi and Spencer were overwhelmed by the transformation.

The two then wasted no time in tucking into pizza supplied by Big Brother and most importantly, listening and watching their housemates every move on the plasma screen.

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Later on, Big Brother dropped a bombshell, making the remaining housemates nominate each other face to face meaning Heidi and Spencer had successfully won immunity.

After the nominations, Sam and Ryan were revealed to be the two housemates with the most votes meaning that one would be leaving on Friday's eviction.

Later that evening some of the housemates started to discuss Heidi and Spencer with Tricia admitting she was sad to see them go.

Frankie admitted that he thought they belonged to another world while Claire didn't mince her words saying: "God forbid they ever have children, they wouldn't be able to change a nappy."

On hearing this, an angry Heidi labeled the group ' such w*****s'.

Rylan then added: "I've never met anyone that when you go to kiss them, they pull away."

As the conversation continued, with many of the housemates agreeing that they are relieved the couple walked, Spencer watched on holding his middle finger up to the plasma.

We wouldn't want to be in the house when the couple returns, that's for sure.