Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Frankie Dettori and Tricia Penrose are evicted

Frankie Dettori and Tricia Penrose have become the fifth and sixth celebrities to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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Viewers have been voting since Friday night for who they wanted to win the series.

However, when voting lines were frozen for the first time during tonight's live show, Frankie was revealed to be the celebrity who polled the least votes.

Leaving to a chorus of cheers from the crowd, Frankie admitted that he was happy to be out of the house.

Talking to host Brian Dowling, Frankie said that he found life in the house difficult at times.

He said: "It's been very challenging emotionally. The house got to me at the end. There was a lot of friction. I'm a lover not a fighter.

"It's not my scene to argue about petty things. It wasn't fun anymore at the end."

When asked who he thought would win the show, Frankie admitted that he thought X Factor contestant Rylan Clark would take the crown on Friday's final.

He explained: "We are all winners at this stage, there are only 48 hours to go. I never thought I would win, Rylan is too popular."

Later on in the evening, Brian Dowling announced that Tricia Penrose was the next celebrity to leave the house.

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Much like Frankie, the actress received a welcoming reception from the crowd.

When asked if she was gutted to be leaving the house just two days away from the final, Tricia admitted that she was.

She said: "Yeah I am really, I would have liked to have made it to Friday because I come this far."

Tricia also revealed that she was baffled how controversial Heidi and Spencer managed to out last her in the house.

Tricia explained: "I don't know what is going on. I don't know what you are seeing out here.

"They are just a very strange couple. I can't get my head round them. They are definitely playing a game, they're phony."

Tricia also told Brian that she wanted Rylan Clark to win the show.