Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Courtney and Louie are evicted in SHOCK semi-final result

It is not often that one of the favourites to win is voted out so close to the final. There were a lot of jaws dropping in the house when Louie's name was called by Emma tonight.

Courtney's departure was a lot less shocking as the celebrity had been asking to leave pretty much from the first day. But as two HUGE characters have now left this will undoubtedly change the house atmosphere.

Louie was becoming the peacemaker of the house as we saw that he managed to stop Carol and Vicky having a huge row last night.

"I can't stand Vicky," said Carol, "There is going to be a row tonight."

"Just don't take the bait," replied Louie calmly.

Now that Louie has left the Big Brother house the two ladies might just be ready to revive that feud in the last 48 hours before the final.

But back to double eviction tonight. Courtney was delighted to leave the house and thoroughly enjoyed all the cameras and attention.

"I am thrilled and overjoyed," said Courtney in her interview with Emma, "It was like a surreal dream and it is refreshing to see other people and see my sweet husband."

Her doting husband Doug was ready and waiting for her in the audience with a gigantic bundle of balloons. Cute.

But things then got a little uncomfortable when Emma questioned her about Mario. Courtney visibly flinched at the subject and said, "I am not even attracted to him, he is a handsome man but I am not attracted to him."

As that situation was cleared it up nicely Courtney decided to sum up her experience by saying, "I feel I have grown into a woman now." Yes, a woman that hopefully won't put a stock cube in a kettle again.

Next was Louie's interview, which was definitely a shock all round as I for one thought that he had a good chance for winning!

Louie did not seem fazed in the slightest however as he practically jumped down the stairs to greet Emma, "I'm so happy I can't tell you," he said.

"I am so happy I have done it but I am so happy to be out," continued Louie, "It wasn't about the winning for me but it has been an amazing experience. "

Maybe now Louie is enjoying the limelight but tomorrow he might feel slightly gutted he didn't make it to the final. His departure does mean that any of the other remaining celebrities could win this year.

Will it be the most entertaining celebrity that takes the crown, or the one that needs the most publicity?