Cara Delevingne 'Love In The Air' With Harry Styles As She Hits Back At Abuse From One Direction Fans

17 August 2012

Supermodel Cara Delevingne has hit back at jealous One Direction fans who are pretty cheesed off about the pretty 20 year-old hooking up with super stud Harry Styles telling fans they “don't need to know” about the romance.

The Burberry model has been spotted out on a string of dates with the 'What Makes You Beautiful' star and as all girls who hook up with One Direction know, that means the wrath of their crazed fans will be upon you.

Taking to Twitter to fight back to some pretty nasty messages, the model wrote: "@lovefor5boysss: sorry to inform you, but you look like a dude :/ #NoHate #TellingTheTruth" hahaha well it seems to have worked well for me.”

When one fan claimed her not confirming the romance meant it wasn't true the 20 year-old replied: “@TomlinsonFiesta please just stop guessing, you don't need to know.”

Later she teased Directioners by telling singer Azelia Banks that she had a “crush”.

"@AZEALIABANKS: I have a crush. . . Crushes are exciting... !!!!" Me too! Who is yours?” she tweeted.

Things seem to be going well for the couple who have reportedly been dating for a few weeks. They were, according to sources inseparable at a recent London party and didn't even try to hide their feelings for one another.

“They only had eyes for each other,” a source told The Sun.

"Lots of people saw them leaving together but they didn't care.”

Many users stuck up for the model when she came under attack from Harry fans, with Cara thanking them for her support and while she might not have directly confirmed the romance but Cara did say she was “in love” with someone.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who is sticking up for me and also how much I appreciate the kind words! LOVE YOU GUYS!” she said, adding: “Everyone just stop hating on each other, LOVE IS IN THE AIR!”

 What's So Hot About Harry?

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Cara Delevingne 'Love In The Air' With Harry Styles As She Hits Back At Abuse From One Direction Fan

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