Britain’s Got Talent: Incredible magician leaves judges tickled pink

Ryan Leston
20 May 2013
Britain’s Got Talent: Incredible magician leaves judges tickled pink
I bet you can't guess Stevie Pink's favourite colour?

18 May 2013: It's week six at the 'Britain's Got Talent' auditions and it looks like another truly eclectic offering from the nation's hopefuls. But can they show the judges they've got what it takes? This week, we're treated to some thrills and spills as a high-diving act takes to their platform… and a lot of laughs with some truly rubbish dog acts. But while Pudsey might have done well in a previous competition, some of these acts were absolutely barking… but they certainly made the judges paws for thought…

But don't worry - if you've had enough of all those dog puns, there were also some brilliantly memorable acts including a group of divers who showed off with some aerial acrobatics…

La Quebrada High Divers

First up was a group of divers who took the audience and the judges outside onto the streets of Cardiff for an incredible high-diving act. Showing off with a range of 25-metre dives, the act really began to heat up as they performed their final, truly spectacular dive - setting one of their fellow divers on fire before plunging into the water below. Despite this thrilling conclusion, Simon felt the act has "got to get bigger" for the next round, but the judges agreed that they were simply phenomenal… so what's next for the La Quebrada High Divers?

Stevie Pink Master Illusionist

One of the campest acts I've ever seen, Stevie Pink took to the stage in a pink suit and feather boa… but while some of the judges may have buzzed a bit early, the 42-year-old magician absolutely knocked their socks off with an astounding levitation routine. Leaving the judges scratching their heads and Simon grinning to himself as he tried to figure it out, this incredible magician sailed through to the next round… "To me," David explained, "there wasn't enough pink." But with a unanimous yes, how is he going to top that in later rounds?

Band of Voices

An incredible acapella group was next to take the stage and stunned the judges with their rendition of Jessie J's 'Price Tag'. But that wasn't all as their softly spoken frontman agreed to an encore… and the group blew everyone away with a thoroughly modern version of 'God Save The Queen'. "I love you guys," said Simon… and that's big praise. "I think now is a time when people really, really appreciate great vocals… very, very impressive." And it's a sentiment that was mirrored by the rest of the judges. So with four big yeses, Band of Voices made it through to the next round. I just can't wait to see what else they have in store.

Aliki Chrysochov

The final act of the night brought the house down with some truly incredible vocals… and an incredibly heart-wrenching story. A 29-year-old music teacher, Aliki Chrysochov suffered an inflammation of the brain which affected her movement, co-ordination and even her ability to speak. But holding onto her love of music throughout her recovery, she's back on fighting form and belted out an amazing rendition of 'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescence. "You just have a natural talent," said Simon. "There's something about your energy which is so incredible." With 4 enormous yeses, she's through to the next round… and I have a feeling she's going to go far.

After a truly eclectic evening, this week's contestants have gone through in style… but will this mean seeing a magician in the final? I certainly hope so. But as the auditions head into their penultimate week, will anyone be able to top the incredible acts we've seen so far? I get the feeling they'll have to be simply brilliant if they want to impress.

Which was your favourite act this week? Could a magician go far in this competition?

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