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Bond Fans Spot Yet More Skyfall Bloopers

24 November 2012

In a film as action-packed as Sam Mendes' 'Skyfall', there are bound to be a few continuity problems. Avid James Bond fans have spotted a whopping 24 in the newest installment, and they keep on coming...

Since we spotted a digital watch on the wrist of a Titanic passenger (not so common in 1921!) in James Cameron's blockbuster, audiences have become obsessed with pointing out continuity problems in big budget movies.

Hawk-eyed Bond aficionados are among the best at spotting embarrassing bloopers, and aren't shy about pointing them out. Moviemistakes.com have found 24 in the new film (so far!) and there are reportedly over 1000 mistakes in the Bond movies altogether. Here are our favourites from the latest in the franchise... see if you can spot them all:

When Bond is fighting on top of the train at the beginning of the film, his footwear changes from black lace up shoes to black slip-on ankle boots. Earlier on in the chase sequence, he is wearing sunglasses that appear and disappear several times throughout the scene. Where did he get time for a costume change?

Later in the movie, Bond takes a radio from arch-enemy Silva, played by Javier Bardem, and puts it in his right pocket - a few shots later he takes it from his left.

Our favourite mistake of the movie involves Bond's one and only gadget. His specially designed, fingerprint-senstive handgun can only be activated by his touch... but most shots were filmed with Craig wearing gloves. CGI took care of that.... forgetting the scene where Bond dangles his enemy Patrice from a window...

Be on the lookout for altering levels of whiskey in a shotglass, cracked windscreens, Judi Dench's disappearing handbag and rush hour trains with no passengers... let us know if you spot more!

Who's your favourite Bond?

Bond Fans Spot Yet More Skyfall Bloopers
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