Big Brother Day 9: Chris and Caroline sitting in a tree?

So far this series, Luke S and Ashleigh have looked set to be this years golden couple. Endlessly flirting, curling up in bed together and on day eight, sharing their first kiss.

We spy trouble ahead for these two...

All the tell signs pointed toward another classic BB romance. How wrong the signs were. Last night it seemed like the Essex beauty was having second thoughts after a few too many drinks, telling lothario Luke S that she "runs away from relationships" because "she has been hurt before." Better luck next time Luke.

But for the romantics among us, fear not, because last night revealed that romance could be on the cards for two other housemates. But who?

Could it be Arron and Lauren? Last night Arron and Luke A both agreed that Lauren was the fittest girl in the house. Or could it be Adam and Sara after he admitted that she would be at the top of his list for "just a smash" (Sara you lucky, lucky girl)? Both these admissions, as romantic as they were, paled in comparison to the new blossoming romance between the houses most unlikely couple, Chris and Caroline.

Luke and Ashleigh

As part of a plan conceived by Lydia, Adam, Benedict, Luke S, Luke and Ashleigh, the bored group convinced Chris to ask his enemy Caroline out on a date to convince her he has feelings for her. Initially, it didn't go well:

Chris: "I'm so attracted to you it hurts. You hurt the ones you love"

Caroline: "When you said you wanted to s**t in my bed I didn't realise that meant you liked me"

And so the date begun…

What can we say? It was toe-curling stuff. Imagine the most awkward date possible then times that by 100. Chris tried his best to convince Caroline that he was a nice guy while she simply sat there, looking into the distance, perhaps pondering what on earth had gone wrong in her life.

The housemates celebrate

Caroline's summary of her date with Chris:

"I feel like I've been stripped of all self esteem and all self worth…I just had the worst seven minutes of my life."

Oh dear.

In other house news, the housemates passed their 'Who's laughing now' task, managing to laugh only 19 out of an allowed 25 times in two days. To be fair, Lydia and Benedict have yet to crack a smile since entering the house so there were really only 14 housemates who actually took part. Well-done guys!

So were you surprised that the housemates passed their task? And what did you make of Chris and Caroline's date? Let us know your thoughts on last night's episode below.