Big Brother Day 8: Are you having a laugh?

So after what have been a relatively serious and somewhat tense few days in the house, tonight Big Brother injected some much-needed laughter into the proceedings, albeit coming from us the viewers rather than the housemates.

Yes, finally BB had a task for the housemates - and what a task it was. Much like the most successful tasks in the past, BB kept things simple. All housemates had to do was not laugh - and considering how miserable this lot have been over the last few days, this shouldn't have been too difficult.

Of course, things are never straightforward in the land of BB, with Big Brother throwing several spanners in the works to try and get a MEGA LOL out of the housemates. We had clowns throwing pies (who actually came across as terrifying rather than hilarious), the return of the shock suits and model Arron having to sport a selection of very questionable attire. There was also the *ahem* long awaited the return of Simon Cowell's favourite worst comedian Gatis Candy (surprisingly, he didn't make anyone laugh) and a performance from comedy legends Keith Harris and Chris's avian equivalent Orville.

Overall the housemates did rather well, applying some ingenious methods of laughter prevention, here are some of our favourites:

The most see through excuse for laughter prevention

"It's too hard, I just have to keep doing press ups" - really Luke S? Because you seem to have been doing them all series!

Housemate who took preventing herself from laughing to a new level:

"The only thing I can do is think about death and sadness" - now that's commitment Caroline!

The most questionable way to forget about laughing

"lol, lol, lol, lol, lol" - yeah, that should do the trick Ashleigh!

In showmance news, reserved couple to be Luke S and Ashleigh battled *sniggers* with the dilemma of kissing each other for the first time in front of the housemates. Keeping in the tradition of the task, no one reacted. All except poor Lauren. Still it could be worse Lauren, Scott had to endure a scantily clad love of his life Arron parading around the house in a PVC Bruno-esque costume. He must have been in hell.


So did this tonight's task tickle you? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments box below.