Big Brother 2013: Sam is crowned the winner!

It is ALL OVER! Can you believe it? No, me neither! It has gone so fast it seems like only yesterday those fresh faced housemates were entering the Big Brother house with no idea what was in store for them.

But tonight the winner was finally crowned. You chose Sam; the 23 year old from South Wales who was so shocked at the result he was visibly shaking. Bless him!

He beat Dexter who was a worthy runner up. Undoubtedly this housemate was the most entertaining and memorable of the series. He kept everyone guessing with his game playing but that wasn't part of his plan.

Emma Willis asked him about his strategy and he said, "It was to observe as I feel I have a good understanding of people." Eh? That doesn't really tell us how to win Big Brother Dex!

He also admitted, "It took me a long time to be myself. It was like a therapy session." That is one very long session but it seems to have worked! Emma then quizzed him on his love for Charlie and he said again how much he cared for her and that they had dinner plans.

Maybe this romance will blossom in the future?

But before reality does hit there was one last bit of business that Big Brother had to complete. Sam needed to leave and grab hold of his victory!

When he finally left the house and sat opposite Emma for his interview he said, "Oh my god, I'm nervous. I am lost for words, I can't believe it. "

It slowly started to sink in for the winner as Emma asked him what he would do with the prize money. Sam's answer proved that the public had definitely made the RIGHT decision.

"I want to give 25 per cent to charity, 25 percent to my family and then put 50 per cent away for my future," he said very sensibly.

What a nice lad.

Emma also could not resist asking Sam about his shock revelation that he FANCIED Gina!

"I was steaming when I said it," he said, "I just had a great connection with Gina." I bet he is kind of wishing he had kept that little crush a secret for a least another day!

Then it was over. The fireworks went off, Sam did his walk of victory and the other housemates all had a group hug. Another Big Brother has ended, well, until next year!

What was YOUR favourite moment of the series?