Big Brother 2012: One week in

So it's been an entire week (where's it gone!) since the likes of posh Caroline, bailiff Chris and don't-mention-my-famous-boyfriend-by-the-way-it's-Andy-Scott-Lee-Lydia walked through those famous doors and began life in the Big Brother house. Already we've had an eviction (see-yuh Victoria), a new arrival, nominations, a secret task and an almighty row over a… Err… sausage! As with every year, groups are beginning to form and housemates are starting to show their true colours, here's what OMG! makes of how things have been shaping up so far:

The unlikely couple

Becky and Deana

When eccentric Becky ran into the house on Friday screaming "Come on yer b******s!" and jumped fully clothed into the pool (possibly our favourite moment so far) no one could have predicted that reserved Deana would end up as the bubbly brunettes new BFF. Although Becky had been set a secret task to become at least one housemate's favourite we could tell that she genuinely liked Deana. On finding out about the task Deana was understandably miffed, but given time we think the two will once again become inseparable.


The cool kids

Luke S, Ashleigh, Sara, Conor and Arron

We all know the types from school, the popular crowd who somehow ruled the roost even though secretly nobody really liked them. The attractive fivesome have fast established themselves as the popular clique with the lads already talking nomination pacts. However, after the nomination results revealed yesterday that pretty boy Arron is now facing the chop, could this early alliance already be in jeopardy?

The paranoids

Lydia and Chris

It's only been a week and these two have already seemingly lost the plot. Lydia is constantly convinced that everyone is playing a game and not being 'real' while Chris continues to obsess over the fallout of his unprovoked verbal attack on Luke S. Loosen up guys, it's only a TV show!

Still to come out their shell

Benedict, Adam and Caroline

Collectively, these three should have already treated us to some incredible BB moments. On paper we have a porn star, an ex gang member and an accident-prone posh tottie so forgive us for expecting so much more. Come on guys- we know you've got it in you!

The in-house councillors

Shievonne and Luke A

After every tantrum, argument or meltdown this week Shievonne and Luke A have both been on hand to console their fellow housemates. But it's Shievonne who has been the real revelation of the two. The self confessed "professional arguer" has provided many of her housemates in need with down to earth pep talks, making her popular within the house and popular with us too!

The unrequited housemates

Lauren and Scott

We've all been there, falling madly in love with someone only to find the feeling is clearly not mutual. Now imagine if this were to happen in the Big Brother house. Enter Scott and Lauren. Scott's sweet crush on Arron has fast developed into bunny boiling territory and as hard as Lauren tries to vie for Luke S's attention, he seems to only have eyes for Ashleigh.