Big Brother 2012: Green Team Only Nominate

Big Brother 2012: Green Team Only Nominate

Turf Wars has split the Big Brother house this week and with the Green Team taking control of the diary room, they were the only ones allowed to nominate. As a result blue team members, Shievonne and Conor will face the public vote this week.

With only Becky, Adam, Scott, Luke S and Deana nominating, Luke S pointed out that the whole of the blue team could be up for nomination, if the green team nominated in a certain way. However he then went on to nominate Deana, as he doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t help around the house, and Adam, for being derogatory towards women. Both Deana and Adam are on the green team, meaning Luke S put a stop to his own idea.

Becky, Deana and Adam nominated Shievonne whilst Becky, Deana and Scott nominated Conor. Shievonne was up for nomination for being “intimidating,” “unpredictable” and “weird” with certain housemates. Conor faces the public vote for being “rude”, “angry,” and “nasty.”

This will be the second time in a row that Conor has faced the public vote. However the Northern Irish housemate has also courted controversy when, following a foul-mouthed tirade, over 1000 complaints were made to OfCom.

Whilst the nominations were being made, Shievonne was seen discussing whom she thought would be up, with her fellow blue team members. She stated that she hoped she would be up and wanted to leave. Later in the episode, Shievonne was in the diary room telling Big Brother she felt it was her time to go.

Following Big Brother’s announcement of who will face the public vote, Shievonne said it was “obvious what the votes were,” before hugging Conor and Scott. Conor gave a cool reaction, seemingly unbothered about-facing the public vote again. He was later seen telling Caroline he wanted her to win, however she thought that was ridiculous and that Scott had a “good chance” of winning.

Afterwards all the housemates were discussing the revelation. Luke A pointed out that if Conor hadn’t broken the rules, by discussing nominations with Caroline, the result could have been very different. Deana and Becky were very pleased that Conor was up, as they felt he was being “nasty” to both of them.

Tonight also saw the end of the Turf Wars task. This meant that the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and diary room were open to all housemates – much to the delight of them all.

Who do you think will leave the Big Brother house this week?

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