Big Brother 2012: Evictee Chris Jones Has 'No Regrets'

15 June 2012
Big Brother 2012: Evictee Chris Jones Has 'No Regrets'
Big Brother 2012: Evictee Chris Jones Has 'No Regrets'

Chris Jones has admitted he has "no regrets" on leaving the Big Brother house and wants Becky to be given the boot next week.

The Luton native claimed he had “no regrets”when speaking to Brian Dowling following the eviction and slammed certain housemates as “players.”

He particularly slated Ashleigh, after finding out she nominated him, branding her “two-faced,” something Chris himself admitted to being when he entered the house.

The 21 year-old admitted to being a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality and stated that arguing with Becky when she entered the house could be a reason he was evicted. He also cited his career as a balliff as a reason for eviction, noting that it “don’t really go down too well” with people.

He then went on and discussed wildcard housemate Becky, who entered the house only a week ago.

“She got involved when she shouldn’t get involved” he said, “You can’t live with her.” He then bet that she would be up for eviction next week and was firm in his believes that she should go. However when Brian asked if Chris though Becky would be evicted he said “no."

Chris backed Benedict to win, adding that he may be the oldest, but has the best body!

Brian asked if Chris felt conscious about his own body, with all the other six packs in there (Arron, Luke), but Chris said no as he knows he was “stronger than most of them.”

Do you think Chris should have been evicted or will the house be boring now he has gone?

Check out what has gone on in Big Brother 2012 so far!

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