Big Brother 2012 Day 31: Arron you have been evicted, why couldn’t you have taken Conor with you?

Omg!’s Verdict on All the House Goings on from Day 31 of Big Brother 2012

Day 31 saw Arron become the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother 2012 house, Turf Wars continue and another rule break occur.


Arron Evicted

Arron's reaction to being evicted pretty much summed up the type of person he is. Clearly irate at the public's decision, the model kicked the Blue team's flag and hugged fellow Deana botherer Conor saying: "Do your job mate." Arron didn't make his ill feelings toward his housemates unknown either, only hugging Caroline, Luke S, Ashleigh and Conor goodbye. The model was heavily booed on exit and told Brian "I'm not that bothered!" Unfortunately for Arron, he clearly was.

The best part of the entire eviction episode, however, had to be Deana's revenge. On revealing that Deana had received the most public votes of the four, her shocked and clearly elated face was a fitting reward for the disgusting behaviour she has endured for the last two weeks. Good for her!

Arron and Conor let rip

For a segment of spin off show Big Brother's Bit on the Side, Big Brother called the four nominated housemates to the diary room to answer a few questions. What should have been a fun, tongue and cheek interview with Conor, Arron, Deana and Becky soon turned into some rather uncomfortable viewing. Kudos to the producers for showing the footage as it only further proved how truly awful Conor and Arron are. The gruesome twosome showed zero manners by making the two girls sit on the floor while they took the chair. As the interview progressed, the boys continually stuck their middle fingers up at the girls and had nothing but cruel, snide remarks to say about them. When asked how he would feel if Conor was evicted, Arron replied: "Gutted, as I will have to live with one of these two." As the girls fought back, claiming that Arron is a different person around Conor, the two simply rolled their eyes and belittled the girls. All we can say is good riddance to Arron and hopefully Conor will be joining you next week.

ASBO Arron

For the fifth Turf Wars challenge, the two teams competed for sole control of the outside area. The teams, donned in some rather revealing swimwear, had to pair up and get into two hole ridden boats. On the sound of the klaxon the two teams had to bail out water from their sinking ships. The losing team would be the one that sunk first. After three rounds, the Blue's finally got their second win. With the Green team banned from the entire outside area, it should come as no surprise that team member Arron felt the need to jump in the pool regardless shouting: "F**k it. It's my last night. Had to be done." As the understandably angry housemates gathered on the sofa's to find out the punishment for Arron's stint in the pool, the prankster ripped off his vest revealing a message on his torso for Big Brother: F**K u BB. Continuing his anti social behavior, Arron stormed to the diary room, snapping the Blue team's flag in half in the process. Telling Big Brother he had had enough of the task and his housemates, an angry Arron claimed he just wanted to have fun and to be evicted soon. It looks like his wish came true.

BB Babble

"I'm a 100% sure I'm leaving tomorrow. 100%." Well you are 100% wrong Deana, 100%!