Big Brother 2012 Day 15: Lab rats, scientists and sheepish behaviour

Omg’s Verdict on All the House Activity from Day 15 of Big Brother 2012

Day 15 in the Big Brother 2012 house saw the housemates take on their second weekly shopping task. Dressed as lab rats, the majority of housemates took part in a series of humiliating tests (well it is Big Brother!) under the watchful eye of scientists Lydia, Benedict and Luke A. But were the tests a success or a resounding failure?

The housemates get smart

The rules of the task this week were simple, the scientists simply had to predict whether the lab rats would pass or fail ongoing tests staged throughout the day. If by the end of the task the scientists have correctly predicted more than half of the outcomes, the house will win a luxury-shopping budget. Happy days!

Before the task could begin, housemates first had to decide who the three most intelligent members of the group were to assume the roles of the scientists. The group picked a surprised Luke A along with Lydia and Benedict (both of which had a look of 'well why wouldn't you pick us' written across their smug faces). Giving the role of scientist to Lydia and Benedict allowed the two to massage their already inflated egos, revelling in their powers of prediction over whether their intellectually inferior housemates would pass or fail the tests. We won't lie; we would have much preferred to see them as rats.


Scott becomes sheepish

Of the three tests the housemates had to endure there was a definite stand out in the duping of posh boy Scott. Whilst he enjoyed a party for one, the remaining lab rats were fitted with earpieces and told by Big Brother that they would be taking part in a staged hypnosis. All the scientists had to do was predict if Scott would conform to the other housemates and believe he had been hypnotised. As the scientists secretly instructed housemates to react to the hypnosis (Deana's melodramatic and wholly unconvincing performance of pretending she that thought she was suddenly naked being a definite highlight) would Scott take the bait and join in? When told he would become a sheep Scott immediately started to baa. The housemates could barely keep a straight face, and neither could we! Amazing.

BB Babble

"I just can't believe people think I'm stupid…I'm going to have to stop being an idiot." The housemates may not have chosen him as one of the smartest in the group but there's no denying Scott's logic in how to change their minds.

"I'd like them to suffer a bit more" Benedict shows his softer side.

"He just looks so smart, if only he didn't open his mouth and wasn't a porn star… I definitely fancy him." With a few *ahem* minor tweaks, could Caroline have found her perfect man in Benedict? Doubtful.