Big Brother 2012: Conor's Rule Break Triggers Argument Between Shievonne And Deana

Big Brother 2012: Conor's Rule Break Triggers Argument Between Shievonne And Deana

Angry reactions to last night's nomination announcement saw tension rise in the Big Brother house.

After Conor and Shievonne were told they were up for eviction, Conor told Deana that he knew she nominated him - breaking the rule that disallows the housemates from discussing nominations. Conor’s reaction means the housemates have no hot water as a punishment.

The increased tension in the house seems to have led Shievonne to start on Deana. Ten minutes into the conflict it still wasn’t clear why Shievonne was angry with her. Shievonne then revealed that Deana called her silly for being upset when Arron was evicted which she said showed Deana was "emotionally void". Deana said she didn’t mean anything by it.

The turf war task meant only Becky, Adam, Scott, Luke S and Deanna were able to nominate their fellow housemates this week.

If all of this drama wasn’t enough over the weekend Conor admitted to several housemates he was tempted to walk out of the house after Friday’s eviction saw his best mate Arron leave the competition.

Shievonne managed to convince him to stick around telling him that the public had saved him twice. She said to him: "If you walk, when you're in the hotel, you're going to be, what the f**k did you do? If you've been evicted, then that's a different thing."

Do you think Conor will walk out or will he stick around to see if he is evicted?

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