Big Brother 2012: Benedict Airs His Views On Opinions

22 June 2012
Big Brother 2012: Benedict Airs His Views On Opinions
Big Brother 2012: Benedict Airs His Views On Opinions

Being evicted is hard for any housemate but having the Big Brother journey cut short after just three weeks must be tough. That is exactly what happened to Benedict this evening, as he became the third housemate to face Brian Dowling’s eviction interview and the baying crowd on the outside.

The interview was short and Brian actually had to say “we’ve run out of time!” Maybe the housemates were right when they said he talks too much…. However he did have plenty to comment on and many opinions to air!

Benedict, who wasn’t surprised at who nominated him, left the house to boos however told Brian he wasn’t bothered, as it was just people “expressing their opinion,” as he had done. In fact he said his opinions were possibly one of the reason, he was no longer part of the show.

Benedict particularly cited his shower antics and opinions on sex as a big reason for his eviction. He told Brian he was not ashamed or embarrassed about sex however the rest of the nation was. In the house he had been seen telling housemates that he wanted to get the message out to the country that talking about sex is not a big deal.

Brian quizzed Benedict on the fact other housemates branded him “patronizing” and said he “preached.” Benedict responded saying that he couldn’t change the way he talked and that he didn’t think he patronized people. He added that maybe people felt patronized because they couldn’t keep up with the conversation or argument, in the same way he could.

Benedict also noted that putting curry powder in Luke’s protein shake “wasn’t a nice thing to do” but he didn’t want Luke to win the prize and he knew Luke “wasn’t going to share”.

When asked who he wanted to win Benedict said Luke A and that he wanted Caroline to be evicted next.

And from then the best bits rolled and the show came to a close.

Who do you think will go next? And will the house change now Benedict has gone?     

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