Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh Publicly Tickles Luke's Genitals


Big Brother housemate Ashleigh Hughes took PDAing it to a whole new level when she got a tad too intimate with fellow housemate Luke Scrase in front of the other Big Brother residents.

Having had chemistry with Luke from the start, Ashleigh decided to turned it up a notch when she put her hand up his shorts. Not making a secret of what she was doing to Luke, the barmaid said:

"Tickle. Tickle. Tickle".

Shocked by Ashleigh's actions, Scott, who was in the same room, exclaimed "Oh no", whilst Shievonne said: "TMI. Too much information."

Having got a good feel of Luke's ahem, manhood, the housemate held nothing back when she said to her fellow residents:

"Well, I definitely know what it looks like. He's packing!"

Definitely Too. Much. Information!

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