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The Bachelor No More! 'Things Are Definitely Heating Up Between' Spencer Matthews And Louise Thompson

14 September 2012

It looks like Spencer Matthews won't be a bachelor for much longer after his Made In Chelsea co-star and on and off flame Louise Thompson hinted that they may get back together.

The couple, who decided to end their romance shortly after the last season of the hit E4 show ended, are said to have been getting close whilst filming scenes for the new series.

Quizzed about her relationship status with Spencer, whose hopes of finding love on Channel 5's The Bachelor failed miserably, the Mail Online reports Louise hinting that her and Spencer are getting close again:

"Nothing is official yet. We are still officially good friends. But things are definitely heating up between us."

The Bachelor No More! 'Things Are Definitely Heating Up Between' Spencer Matthews And Louise Thompson
The Bachelor No More! 'Things Are Definitely Heating Up Between' Spencer Matthews And Louise Thompson

Spencer gives Louise a peck on the cheeck in the last series of Made In Chelsea (WENN / E4)

Well if that's not a humdinger of a hint that the couple are back together, we don't know what is!

She continued: "We are spending a lot of time together while filming the next series of Made in Chelsea and we are flirting a lot.

"The old flame is being rekindled."

Despite revealing that she is getting close to Spencer again, the reality TV star added that she's not sure if she will get into a proper relationship with her former beau.

She explained: "I don't know what I want. Things have been made easy for him by the fact the winner of The Bachelor cheated on him.

"We have had a big heart to heart which will be shown on the next series of Made in Chelsea. But things haven't been resolved yet."

What do you think? Would you like to see Spencer and Louise reunite?

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