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Attraction win Britain’s Got Talent 2013

Ryan Leston
9 June 2013
Attraction win Britain’s Got Talent 2013
Attraction win Britain's Got Talent 2013

08 June 2013: It's been a whole week since the live semi-finals and with an amazing range of acts through to the final, it looks like 'Britain's Got Talent' 2013 is going to be remembered for some time to come… though perhaps not for all the right reasons.

This year, it seems it's the dawn of the youngsters, with an abundance of child acts making it through to the finals… and while I can't deny that they're an incredibly talented bunch, I just can't help thinking that it's in no small part due to Bruce Forsyth's comments. Regardless, it seems we're in for a real treat this year with some incredible vocalists, hilarious comedians and a rather cute dance group… but it's the unique shadow dance of Attraction that turned everyone's heads this year. And for good reason.

[Previous Britain's Got Talent episode: Attraction make it to the final]

Of course, there are plenty of other awesome acts who made it through to the final… and with the impressive comedy stylings of Jack Carroll and Francine Lewis, it definitely wasn't a done deal for the Hungarian shadow dancers. So let's take a look at some of my favourite acts from the evening… and some of the most controversial moments.

Wildcard - Steve Hewlett

Taking to the stage amidst a gaggle of sequined beauties, it was a real treat to see ventriloquist Steve Hewlett back for the final. With his trusty sidekick Arthur Lager, Steve kept the audience and judges in stitches. But it was his Simon Cowell and Sinitta puppets that got a huge reaction… and I have to admit, I thought it was absolute genius. To be fair, Simon Cowell took it all in good humour but it was certainly a risky move - taking the micky out of the most important judge could have gone so incredibly wrong. But it paid off for Steve with an amazing audience reaction… and even though he fell at the final hurdle, I'd love to see more of this guy.

How Egg-citing!

Overshadowing Richard and Adam's performance of (yet again) 'The Impossible Dream' was a perfect eggs-ample of how to upstage an act… when an eggs-tremely well-timed pelt from the backing orchestra left Simon Cowell with egg on his face. I know what you're thinking - it's no yolk. But seriously, in an incident being dubbed 'Egg-Gate', Simon Cowell and the judges were pelted with eggs by Natalie Holt - a 30 year old violinist who seemingly lost her marbles and went wild… and it was absolutely hilarious.

Still, you've got to hand it to Richard and Adam for keeping it together.

Jack Carroll

What can I say about this young comedian that hasn't already been shouted from the rooftops? Jack Carroll is a comedy force to be reckoned with… and if you ask me, he has an incredible future ahead of him. With an already brilliant routine and his patter down to a fine art, Jack showed exactly what he's capable of by incorporating 'Egg-Gate' into his act. "My first joke, I was gonna run on and throw some eggs," he quipped. "Well that's been ruined." A real class act and a comedy genius, it'll be wonderful to see what happens with this young lad over the coming years. And I doubt this is the last we've seen of him.

BGT Winners - Attraction

It's official - Attraction have beaten the competition and are crowned the winners of 'Britain's Got Talent' 2013. The Hungarian shadow dancers have taken the UK by storm with their incredibly moving acts… even bringing Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden to tears during the semi-finals. So what did they have in store for the final? With a special routine that told the history of Britain from the Second World War through to the 2012 Olympics, it truly was a sight to behold. I have to admit, I love these guys… and it's so wonderful to watch a truly unique act such as this.

But what's next for these incredible dancers? Obviously, the Royal Variety Performance is their next big step, but it seems that Simon Cowell might have plans for them already… and it looks like they're going to make a fortune.

The folks over at The Sun claim that Simon Cowell is planning to take their act to Las Vegas - a wise move with acts such as Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group doing so well. An insider source claims that "Simon sees pound signs when he looks at Attraction… He firmly believes their future is in Las Vegas." Of course, he'll have to pry them away from the Queen first… but if it's true, I'd say Attraction have an incredible career ahead of them.

Do you think Attraction deserved to win? Which was your favourite act of the night?

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