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Anne Hathaway's Couture Valentino Wedding Gown Sketch Revealed!

5 October 2012

She looked incredible at her shock wedding to her actor and jewellery designer beau Adam Shulman last week in a couture custom-made gown by Valentino himself, and now the one-off dress has been unveiled in an exclusive sketch.

Anne said she would wait until her cropped hair would grow out to marry her beau of four years, but the Les Miserables actress couldn’t wait a second longer to slip into the beautiful fairytale gown – and we can see exactly why.

An illustration of the Cinderella style wedding dress reveals that the hem of the gown and veil had slight tinge of romantic pink to it, something that the long lens snaps of the actress couldn’t quite capture.

We can now see that the fitted bodice and off-shoulder creation was designed for Anne’s new waif-like frame as the billowing full skirt aimed to show off the actress's trim waist.

Furthermore, the train was said to be ''hand-painted'' and ''embroidered with satin flowers,''  a representative from Valentino revealed to People.com.

Anne Hathaway's Couture Valentino Wedding Gown Sketch Revealed!
Anne Hathaway's Couture Valentino Wedding Gown Sketch Revealed!

Anne Hathaway's stunning Valentino couture gown in an illustration - Twitter/E!online

They also said that the gown was made from ''ivory silk point d’esprit tulle.''

Arguably the accessory that could have made or break Anne’s big day, the unusual bandage like headpiece – which we weren’t great fans of – consisted of a wide lace ribbon embellished with crystals and flower detailing and was worn over her close-cropped hair to hold the 20s inspired veil in position, but looked as though Anne was trying to conceal her short barnet.

The gown was designed by 80-year-old Valentino Garavani himself, who must think a great deal of Anne, and has previously revealed he sees her ''like a daughter.''

Anne wed Shulman in Big Sur, California, allegedly with the same wedding planner that organised Natalie Portman’s big day.

Anne in her custom made Valentino wedding gown...

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