Anna Kendrick Embarrassed At Prospect Of Being In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

Pretty much every attractive young starlet must now expect to be asked the question "would you like to star as Anastasia Steele in the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' movie, and Anna Kendrick is no different!

Appearing on Bravo show Watch What Happens: Live the actress, who was promoting latest movie ParaNorman, was asked by a caller this very question, but instead of the denials or non-commital responses others have given she turned fifty shades of red.

Like many before her,  the 'Twilight' actress  answered that she hadn't read the book, but appeared a little uncomfortable as she repeated her answer twice and seemed keen to move on.

Whether that's because she's considering it and doesn't want to harm her chances by blurting something out or genuinely hasn't, is open to speculation, but when confronted with the realities of the 'mummy porn' novel Kendrick looked visibly shocked.

The caller asked: "Who wouldn't want to be tied up by a hot guy, right?" and Kendrick backed up her claim of not having red the book by looking like someone had just hit her with a whip.

If she'd read E.L. James' best seller she'd know that things get a lot worse than a few knots administered by a good looking chap. So if Anna does want the coveted role, she's going to have to read the book and look slightly less shocked the next time someone confronts her with its sexual shenanigans.

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