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Angry Fan Threatens To Cut Katherine Jenkins After She Denies Beckham Affair

26 August 2012

Katherine Jenkins has suffered a backlash following her publicly denying she had an affair with David Beckham, forcing her to ring police after "sinister" death threats began pouring in.

Poor Katherine Jenkins, eh?

The Welsh singer took to Twitter to deny any romantic entanglement with Victoria Beckham's gorgeous hubby, but it seems as if fans of the power couple didn't appreciate her actions.

One Twitter troll even threatened to "cut" Jenkins if Victoria and David's marriage fell apart:

"Honestly, and you all said my dislike of Katherine Jenkins was irrational (it is, and that b**** is getting cut if David and Posh split)."

Another scary message read: "I'll kill that s*** Katherine Jenkins"


Unsurprisingly, friends close to the star have come forward to The Sun to report that Katherine went straight to the police over the terrifying abuse she was receiving:

"She was disgusted by the abuse because it was so sinister and scary... When she saw the messages she straight away wanted to protect herself by getting police involved."

"The threat to ‘cut’ her got to her the most. That guy crossed the line."

We hope the boys in blue can get to the bottom of these disgusting threats - whether Katherine had an affair with Beckham or not, there's absolutely no need for this sort of thing!

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