Amelia Lily: 'I Was Bullied For Singing'


Amelia Lily suffered at the hands of cruel bullies when she was younger because she wanted to be a singer.

The former X Factor star, whose new single 'Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)' is available for download tomorrow, was tormented at school for her musical aspirations but is now glad to have the support of a few close friends and her family.

She told the Daily Star: “[During The X Factor] I found out who my true friends were very quickly. I didn't have a lot of mates at school and was bullied a lot for wanting to sing.

“When I got into The X Factor they all started contacting me out of the blue but I ignored it all. I'm very grateful to the few good friends and close family that I do have in my life.”

And the star is pleased to have put the tough times behind her and get on with building her career.

She said: “I am living my dreams. I realise I need to work hard. I am definitely feeling the pressure with the second single but it's a good song with much more attitude. X Factor was hard for me, as was getting the knocks. But now I see I must be doing something right.”

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