I'm A Celebrity's Amy Willerton Branded 'Selfish' By Rebecca Adlington Following Jungle Exit

Finally free from the confines of the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp in the Australian outback, Rebecca Adlington let her feelings about fellow camper Amy Willerton be known.

Branding the model as "selfish" in an interview with fellow evictee Alfonso Ribeiro after they left the camp, Rebecca said: "I'm such a team player and Lucy is the biggest team player of all.

"So, I think [Amy's behaviour has] bothered me and Lucy more than anyone else, because we're both such strong team players. We thrive being in a team more than as an individual. I think it's just affected us that someone has been selfish in that way, to bring in loads of stuff that no-one else has. It's unfair."

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Picking up on the times in the jungle when Amy was caught having objects that she shouldn't have had. Rebecca added: "We've all come in here and we've all accepted that there's rules and there's regulations you've got to go by. It has upset me that one campmate totally went against that with the bikinis, the underwear, the contraband, the concealer and the lip balm."

Amy has been called "selfish" by Rebecca Adlington (WENN / ITV)

Alfonso, who is best known for playing the role of Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, also spoke about Amy saying:

"When I spoke to Amy, it was simply about giving her the opportunity to not hang herself by not coming forward with what she had.

"At the end of the day, I looked at Amy and said [she] is a young woman who doesn't see the world outside of herself that well. She is not able to see that sometimes you have to put other people before yourself."

Meanwhile, Amy has also been accused of "playing a game" in I'm A Celebrity by Annabel Giles after she was ruled out of elimination.

Speaking about Amy's decision to not give her immunity, Annabel who left the jungle last night after being voted out, made her feelings known by saying:

"I don’t know why she would wish me ill except that perhaps I’m onto her and she knows it. She is playing a game unlike anyone else is.

"She is very much here to win and she will win and nothing will get in the way of Amy winning.”

Annabel thinks Amy is playing a game (WENN /ITV)

Getting teary, Annabel continued: "It’s quite hard in here and I miss home and it’s very difficult to break into the friendships that have already been established and when someone’s actively working against you just feels a bit mean.

"But I know that I wouldn’t ever do that, I don’t care about winning enough to start manipulating things to go my way so that makes me the better person.”

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