Zayn Malik v Ed Westwick – who looks hotter in a onesie?

Ed Westwick made our hearts skip a beat (Olly Murs style) when he emerged on the set of Gossip Girl in a black onesie.

ed westwick zayn malikEd Westwick or Zayn Malik? It's a tough choice... Copyright [Big, Rex]

Which has left us pondering the question, does he actually look hotter than One Direction's Zayn Malik who wore a similar suit during his time on X Factor in 2010? Surely not!

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We realise this is a tough call to make so allow us to dissect the specifics:

Volume of face on show
Zayn Malik: Zayn unzipped his green onesie to reveal his flawless face in full. Thank you Mr Malik.
Ed Westwick: Ed's attempt to cover up with shades has upset us — we need to see those perfect peepers!

ed westwickEd teases us with his slightly undone zip... Copyright [Big]

Kissability factor
Zayn Malik: The hottie has adopted a bit of a 'get away from me paps' stare so we're not sure we'd want to lock lips with him in this shot.
Ed Westwick: Chewing on your headphones Ed only serves to draw attention to that perfect mouth of yours… yes, we'd LOVE to kiss you.

Skin on show
Zayn Malik:
No no no Zayn, why did you have to hide those perfect pecs with a white t-shirt, gutted.
Ed Westwick: Leaving the zip open at the mid chest was a smart move, that chest hair is screaming to be stroked.

zayn malikZayn looked gorgeous in green. Copyright [Rex]

Fancy footwear
Zayn Malik: Black high tops give this look a cooler edge if you can call a onesie 'cool' well done Zayn.
Ed Westwick: You can always judge a man by his footwear and the flip flops are a no, sorry Ed!

It's a 50/50 right now, we'll leave it for you to decide who's hotter in this attire.