Zayn Malik talks about how to deal with problems amidst Perrie Edwards cheating scandal, timely advice!

It's fair to say that Zayn Malik has his share of problems to deal with at the moment and it just so happens that is exactly what he was talking about on Daybreak this morning.

Zayn talked about his problems on Daybreak this morn. Copyright: [wenn]

Speaking to Richard Arnold with his band One Direction this morning, Zayn shared how he has learnt to put problems into perspective.

Asked about the boys time in Ghana for Comic Relief, Zayn rather innocently said:

“In everyday life you have problems that we think are so major and then you go over there and you see people with real problems and having to carry on every day and keep going."

"So I learnt just a general sense of just putting things into perspective for me.”

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Now, are we the only ones whose eyebrows had a little waggle at Zayn's mention of 'little problems'.

And what exactly could these little problems be? Australian waitresses selling stories to national newspapers, perhaps?

Zayn allegedly cheated on Perrie. Copyright: [Twitter]

Yep, in case you have been hiding under a rock for the past week you will know that Zayn is currently trying to deal with a particular 'problem'.

According to The Sun, the One Direction singer, 20, cheated on Perrie Edwards with 21-year-old Australian waitress Courtney Webb last Wednesday, taking her back to his house after meeting on a night out.

The girl even had photographic evidence of a Zayn having a doze in bed and knew about tattoos that would make even the most dedicated Directioner blush.

However, it's believed that Perrie is planning on forgiving Zayn and has agreed to take him back after he flew back from his One Direction commitments in France to see her.

Yes, today's interview was recorded before the whole cheating story broke but we reckon it still gives us an insight into how Zayn might be dealing with it all.

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