Zayn Malik on the perks of being famous: you get a nice bed – bless

Zayn Malik clearly hasn't let the fame that's been thrust upon him as member of One Direction affect him too much.

one directionZayn thinks having a comfy bed is the best thing about being on One Direction. Copyright [Twitter]

Fast cars, hoards of girls and a more than healthy bank balance clearly don't do it for Zayn Malik, his demands are much simpler…

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The gorgeous guy has revealed all he really wants in life is a comfy bed.

He told The Sun: "I'm not bothered about what we get before or after shows as long as our room is comfortable. If I can sleep well, then everything is going to be OK."

So forget the freebies, champagne on tap and super cool after parties, all Zayn wants is a nice bed.

one directionZayn tries to take the best hotel bed over his band mates. Copyright [WENN]

But he's had to wait a while to get into his own bed, as he's constantly living in hotels when on tour with the rest of One Direction.

Although it looks as if Zayn gets first dibs on the best hotel room as he added: "To me, after any day, I just want the biggest, most comfortable bed in our hotel.

"It is one of the best things about being in the band — getting nice hotel rooms."

We're pretty sure the money and fame side of things help too!