Zayn Malik is NOT leaving One Direction, we breathe a MASSIVE sigh of relief

We were more than a bit concerned this morning when we heard rumours that Zayn Malik was planning on leaving One Direction.

Zayn Malik is NOT leaving One Direction. Copyright [Rex]However, an official statement from One Direction's PR company has confirmed that the rumours about Zayn Malik leaving aren't true.

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The statement simply said: "It’s completely untrue, Zayn isn’t leaving the band."

Phew. We can breathe again.

Zayn Malik's PR company has denied the rumours. Copyright [Rex]Reports surfaced this morning that Zayn Malik is struggling to deal with his fame and wanted to quit the band.

A source claimed that Zayn has been 'in a daze' for the past week and that he was 'on the brink' of walking out of One Direction.

The source went on to claim that Simon Cowell had even been called in, promising to give Zayn Malik a lighter work schedule in an attempt to help him cope.

But it seems that this gobby source was wrong.

Zayn Malike has recently hit the headlines following the rumours about his relationship with Perrie Edwards. Copyright …However, we can totally understand why Zayn might be a little overwhelmed at the moment.

It's usually Harry Styles who grabs all the 1D headlines, but Zayn has found himself in the middle of a complete relationship crisis.

Zayn Malik has been accused of cheating on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards whilst she was on tour with her Little Mix bandmates.

Whilst neither of them have commented on the situation, it seems that their relationship is now back on track.

And Zayn has lots to look forward to, with One Direction performing at the BRITs later this month, as well as the band jetting off on a world tour this year too.