Zayn Malik mysteriously leaves One Direction press conference half way through, but what was wrong?

Yesterday, One Direction sat down to do a press conference in Japan only for Zayn Malik to get up and leave half way through.

Fit. Copyright: [rex]

We'll be honest, alarm bells were ringing.

So the press conference started off like the picture above... only to turn into this:

Er, where is Zayn? Copyright: [rex]

Honestly, it was like X Factor boot camp all over again.

One Direction minus a Zayn Malik is not something we care to entertain.

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But just WHY did Zayn not make it 'til the end of the end of the press conference and just WHERE exactly did he go?

We needed answers.

And it would seem that all our worrying was for nothing, and Zayn was just feeling a bit poorly.

According to The Mirror, halfway through the press conference - where the boys announced they would be adding two extra tour dates in Japan - Zayn was forced to rush off stage.

A source told the paper: "He had been rubbing his tummy throughout proceedings, then suddenly, he took a deep breath and dashed off stage because he felt so unwell."

"The others were all looking concerned for a while, then Niall checked with management to see if he was OK."

The insider added: "They moved up to take his seat away so it didn't look too weird, while Zayn went back to his hotel to recover."

Well, we wish him every speedy recovery - get well soon Zayn!

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