Has Zayn Malik had a fit indie boy makeover?

One Direction's Zayn Malik is looking less than clean cut recently, but we reckon he is looking hotter than ever.

Zayn's sporting stubble and geek chic glasses. Copyright: [BIG]

While in the past we have been used to Zayn's hair coiffed to quiff perfection, yesterday he debuted this more grungy look.

And we like.

Who doesn't love a boy who's a bit rough around the edges?

Plus, his stubble is definitely working in his favour, as wow he looks hot! Even if it was just because he couldn't be bothered to shave.

No wonder Miley Cyrus is such a fan.

Wow he looks different! Copyright: [BIG]

Just look at how different he looks from his usual groomed style. He's looking less Justin Bieber and more Russell Brand by the day!

Complete with super skinny jeans and super moody facial expressions.

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Whats more, he seems to have lost his trademark quiff as he opted for a messier, fringed look.

We just hope this new look doesn't mean he ditches One Direction to join an indie band!

Zayn looks less Bieber, more Brand. Copyright:[BIG]

However, is that pen on you Zayn? Looks like someone has scribbled Jay all over him. Looks like Jay from The Wanted has been autographing Zayn's chest.

We wonder what his lady Little Mis'x Perrie Edwards makes of Zayn's bold new look?

What next? Niall turns punk? Harry tries out goth?

You're perfect as you are boys!