Zayn Malik declare his love for Perrie Edwards at Little Mix gig, getting back in the good books

Zayn Malik is trying everything to get back in Perrie Edwards' good books and last night reportedly shouted his love for her right there in the middle of a Little Mix gig.

Zayn was supporting his gf on tour. Copyright: [Twitter]

One fan tweeted: "Zayn just screamed "Love you Perrie! Love you Little Mix!" at the LM concert. (sic)".

Meanwhile, aside from proper fan girling over Little Mix, other fans reported that they saw the One Direction star chatting and laughing with Perrie's mum during the gig.

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So we reckon it's safe to say that Perrie has decided to give Zayn another chance.

According to The Sun, the One Direction singer, 20, cheated with 21-year-old Australian waitress Courtney Webb two weeks ago taking her back to his house after meeting on a night out.

Zayn has reportedly cheated on Perrie. Copyright [Instagram/Perrie Edwards]

But despite Courtney's honorable word (and photographic evidence), it would seem that Perrie has taken Zayn back.

However, the star's mates are believed to be furious that she is giving Zayn the benefit of the doubt.

An insider said: "Her friends have been telling her that he's a rat who will never change his ways."

"They've been saying that she's gorgeous and successful, and should find a man who will treat her with the respect she deserves."

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