Zayn Malik cheating girl Courtney Webb is a £500 per hour STRIPPER?

The Zayn Malik cheating scandal rumbles on today with it now being reported that the girl is in fact not a waitress but a stripper!

The girl sold a story on Zayn last Sunday. Copyright: [wenn]

And quite an expensive one at that - five hundred quid an hour!

Now, not that we know much about these things but that seems quite a hefty sum to get your kit off and do a bit of wiggling...clearly we are in the wrong trade.

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The Mirror reports that Courtney Webb works in London club Platinum Lace and offers all the usual nudey services including 'fully nude private sessions'... oo er.

And a source at the club told the paper that Courtney's love of preying on celeb men is well documented.

Zayn allegedly cheated on Perrie. Copyright: [Twitter]

The club blab says: “I think she would have seen it as a challenge. Whenever someone famous comes into the club, she’ll always head for them."

"Flirting and mingling with all the football players, she’s always on the prowl. Outside work, she doesn’t hide what she does. I think she’s quite proud of herself."

Sounds just the type of lady any guy would love to take home to their Mum.

According to The Sun, the One Direction singer, 20, cheated on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards with 21-year-old last Wednesday, taking her back to his house after meeting on a night out.

Oh and talking of strippers and One Direction...

Harry Styles celebrated his nineteenth birthday last night and his generous pals forked out on the ultimate lad present... a stripper!

Luckily, it wasn't Zayn's and hopefully was considerably better value for money.

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