Zayn Malik chat cut short, is this the weirdest One Direction interview ever?!

Zayn Malik left a US radio station in fits of giggles after they received the list of banned conversation topics ahead of an interview with the One D star.

The interviewer was told not to ask Zayn about well, er anything pretty much. Copyright: [wenn]

The show was promised ten minutes with Zayn Malik however decided not to go ahead with the interview after they found out they couldn't ask about, well anything really.


The off limits list included: X Factor, celebrity crushes, girlfriends, who came up with the name One Direction, fan stories, pre-show rituals and pranks.

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Also banned was asking Zayn to describe any of his band mates in one word.

Yes, really.

The radio host can be heard giggling and shouting: "I understand he has some girlfriend called Perrie who is in some band but don't ask about that!"

Perrie Edwards was deemed strictly off limits! Copyright: [wenn]

The interviewer eventually decided there was no point going ahead with the interview and once put on the phone to Zayn, can be heard saying:

"Hi Zayn you're a very busy guy. I want to talk to you but I can't do that…no X Factor, no pranks….well that's about going to do it."

"Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and continued success for the future."

However, we think Zayn would have almost definitely been up for talking about some of the 'banned' topics if management hadn't got in the way.

Only recently at the iTunes festival Zayn dared describe his bandmate Harry in one word.

The word was sexy since you ask.