Zayn Malik: ‘I was called a terrorist on Twitter, so I quit’ *shocked face*

Zayn Malik has confessed the real reasons behind his decision to close his Twitter account.

Zayn decided to close his account after the comments started involving his family. Copyright: [wenn]

In an interview with Fabulous magazine, the One Direction star says how things all got too much when he started receiving tweets upsetting his family, and even accusing him of being  a terrorist.

Zayn says: "When it starts to upset people that I care about, or when I hear it about my mum, then it's a problem."

So what kind of nasty messages was he receiving?

"Nasty things like I'm a terrorist, and this and that, how can you call me that and get away with it?"

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"My little cousin put up a family picture at Eid because she got a photo with Perrie and she was so happy about it but then everybody just gave it to me double barrel."

"We live in 2012 and I thought we'd moved forward. If that was said to me in the street or if someone said it to my face something could be done about it."

Zayn reckons Perrie just 'gets it'. Copyright: [wenn]

The One D star also talked about his relationship with Little Mix's lovely Perrie Edwards, saying how they work because she 'just gets it'.

"We're very happy, she's just cool man. She just gets it. She does what she does and I do what I do and we both understand the job we're in."

Aww, a match made in pop heaven!