Young Apprentice winner Ashleigh: I thought the show was for stuck up snobs - EXCLUSIVE

Young Apprentice's Ashleigh Porter-Exley was crowned winner of the series last night after an electric final.

Young Apprentice says she thought the show was full of stuck up people. Copyright [BBC]

But the 17-year-old nearly didn't apply for the BBC One show - because she thought it was full of "stuck up snobs".

Speaking to Yahoo! omg! after beating Patrick, Maria and Lucy in the final, she said: "I never thought I'd be here.

"I used to watch The Apprentice and think they're all just a bunch of stuck up snobs. They're all from money and they've all had these opportunities. Money goes to money. It's definitely not like that."

And the teenager from Yorkshire said she sent her CV to Lord Sugar to prove that anyone can get on the show.

She told us: "It was defying what people from my area do. Me and my friend always used to watch it thinking all these people.are the same. Lord Sugar's definitely mixed it up this year with candidates like myself. Patrick is definitely something new. Alice is lovely. Just having two northerners on one show."

Ashleigh beat Lucy, Maria and Patrick to win the show. Copyright [BBC]

And she said her family are very proud. She told us: "My friends and family are absolutely ecstatic. It's definitely not sunk in.

"My parents are hard working, they work six seven days a week and we haven't got Porsches on [our] drive.

"We're just normal people, we go camping, we eat normal food and do normal things. We're quite a close knit family but all normal and working class average people so it's quite strange to have the opportunity I've had."

Asked if she thought Lord Sugar saw some of his background in her, she said: "I never claimed to be anything like Lord Sugar, I've never been without anything.

"I think it's just the work ethic I've got. I've had work experience since I was 13. Ive sold pork pies, I've worked in shoe shops, I've worked in accounts now in working for the UK's no1 letting agent. I've had experience in all sectors."

Patrick and Maria lost out in the final last night. Copyright [BBC]

The teen proved she was good with the purse-strings throughout the eight weeks of the show. And she'll be using the same skills when she gets her hands on the £25,000 prize fund. She said: "I haven't decided yet what I'm gonna do with the money.

"I'm more keen to get the work experience. I don't want to go and set up a business. I'm quite tight with money. I'm not gonna chuck the £25k away, I'm gonna have to know that it's gonna work. I've got a lot to learn. I hope I get an opportunity from a company."

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