Yes, Christina Aguilera has put on weight, now let’s leave her alone

We've been feeling pretty annoyed on Christina Aguilera's behalf for months now.

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera's put on weight. Now let's move on. Copyright [WENN]Because yes, Christina Aguilera may have put on a bit of weight, but she's still blimmin gorge.

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Last night, Christina Aguilera stepped out at the AMAs in a lilac halter-neck dress, and suddenly all her critics are slamming her.

People have been pretty harsh about her weight gain, but we think she looks amazing and everyone should just pipe down for a minute.

Christina Aguilera rocked the red carpet, showing off her new bob and fringe. We weren't the biggest fans of her dress, but she still posed with more attitude than we have in our little finger.

Christina then went on to take to the stage, where she donned an embellished leotard and leather boots to perform.

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera at the AMAs last night. Copyright [WENN]She looked and sounded great. The only criticism we do have is the fake tan. She looks like she stopped by Amy Childs' Salon on the way to the awards.

Before heading on stage, Christina hinted that a collaboration with Justin Bieber may be on the cards.

She said: "I'm really into this song right now called, 'As Long as You Love Me' and it's Justin Bieber's song, so I'm actually looking forward to it tonight."

When asked whether she'd ever perform the song with Biebs, she responded: "Who knows, the possibilities are endless, so we'll see."

Well, after Justin Bieber paired up with Mariah Carey to re-record All I Want for Christmas, we have high hopes for a duet with Christina.