X Factor: Simon Cowell blames Gary Barlow for ratings slump

Simon Cowell has reportedly blamed Gary Barlow for this year's disappointing X Factor ratings.

Gary and Simon are reportedly no longer talking. Copyright: [wenn]

A source told The Times: "Simon Cowell doesn't think that he knows enough about who to choose from the auditions. "

"The one thing he did after the 2010 show was to create One Direction, who are now the biggest pop group in the world."

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OK, no need to show off!

It's also believed that Simon thinks Gary takes judging 'too seriously' and is seriously considering replacements.

Gary on this year's show. Copyright: [wenn]

However, we reckon this is unfair - Gary has provided some of the best moments of the series if you ask us!

Er, fag ash breath anyone? Yep, Barlow was behind that one let us not forget.

Plus, his constant quipping with Rylan Clark - if you ask us, Gary has had a great series!

But this is not the first we have heard of Simon's less than complimentary views on Gary's X Factor performance.

Simon's book claims that the TV mogul was left unhappy when he had heard that Gary had signed a second contract and sent him a memo telling him to 'do as he is told'.

Gary responded to The Sun, saying:

"I've had plenty of abuse in the last 22 years. I'm used to it. Just wait 'til MY book comes out! It will be bloody beautiful — I'm going to get the lot of them!"

Yes, this is officially literary warfare.