‘The X Factor has turned me into a nervous wreck’ says Pink impersonator

Last night saw the biggest X Factor melt down since Ablisa thanks to Pink impersonator, Zoe Alexander.

Everyone was shocked by Zoe's antics. Copyright: [itv]

After getting four nos from the judges, Zoe went absolutely bananas, rioter style, throwing the biggest tantrum X Factor has ever seen.

Zoe went proper mad at everyone, even the poor cameraman was in for a shove.


Her wrath knew no bounds and she couldn't even be consoled by lovely Dermy.

Why? Well, as a Pink impersonator she sung a Pink song. It just so happened she couldn't really sing and sounded like a broken lawnmower.

With this in mind, the judges said er, no.

Things started off fine for Zoe. Copyright: [itv]

However, Pink had other ideas and snapped at the judges: "You TOLD me to sing a Pink song!".

Now, whether this is true or not does not take away from the fact that she sounded like a broken lawnmower so we really don't think she had much of a case to put forward.

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She then proceeded to kick off big time and at one point we thought she was going to try and punch poor Tulisa square in the face.

She did actually hit a producer and was even arrested and cautioned following the audition.

Zoe was arrested and cautioned following her audition. Copyright: [itv]

However, Zoe has defended herself again today saying that it was all a 'set up'.

"They set out to make a complete and utter fool of me, even thought this audition was in June I'm still struggling to come to terms with what happened."

"I used to be so confident and I trusted people. Now I just don't trust anyone. I can hardly sleep - I'm basically a nervous wreck."


Hang on, wasn't she the one who went crackers and chucked a microphone at Nicole Scherzinger?

Literally all the judges did was suggest she not sing a certain song.

The X Factor stands by the fact Zoe was not told to sing a Pink song, saying: "Contestants are not told what to sing, they make their own decisions."