X Factor: Rylan and Gary Barlow come to blows, makes jibe about the judge’s weight

It all kicked off on tonight's X Factor guilty pleasures week between Gary Barlow and contestant Rylan Clark.

Rylan hit back at Gary this week. Copyright [Rex]

After an eye opening mash up of Duran Duran's 'Girls on Film' and Bros' 'When Will I Be Famous', Rylan braced himself for the inevitable routine dressing down from Gary Barlow.

As expected, Gary wasn't impressed with the Essex singer's performance.

He told Rylan: "The good news is you're famous. The bad news, it will be over in a few months."

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Clearly having enough, Rylan Clark then explained to Gary that he had never professed to be the best singer in the competition but due to the nature of the show being live, he was forced to sing, well, live.

Gary then suggested he mimed with Rylan quipping: "I'd love to mime!"

Host Dermot O'Leary went on to show some footage of Rylan when he was in a Take That tribute band.

Gary queried which member of the group Rylan used to be with the contestant replying: "I definitely wasn't you, I'm too skinny for that"

Gary stormed the stage. Louis meanwhile high fived a ghost. Copyright [Rex]


Well it's about time Rylan fought back.

An unimpressed Gary then jumped out of his seat, striding toward Rylan who jokingly cowered behind his various stage props.

Gary then returned to his seat, laughing off their mock altercation.

After one of his weaker performances tonight, Rylan Clark may have booked himself at least another week on the show for standing up to the judge.

If we've learned anything about this series of the X Factor, it's that it's not always about the singing.