X Factor’s Rylan Clark: ‘I want to have a baby!’ We say, perhaps Lucy Spraggan could help him out?

X Factor's Rylan Clark has confessed that he wants a baby.

Rylan's real name is Ross! Copyright: [rex]

Er, steady on!

Hasty yes, but the X Factor star really has admitted he would love nothing more than to be a Dad and is feeling pretty broody!

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Rylan told Now! magazine: "What's to stop me having kids? Nothing. I want the Range Rover, the husband and two kids."

"I want to take my boy to football on a Sunday and my little girl dancing on a Wednesday."

It's baby Rylan! Copyright: [Now!]

Well, we reckon Rylan would be just about the best Dad ever, he would definitely spice up parent's day.

However, for Rylan to have his baby then he will need a generous lady to make this happen and we reckon we know just the girl.

Lucy Spraggan, of course!

Like The Next Best Thing minus teh awful acting. Copyright: [rex]

Well, they are already top mates so it would be just like The Next Best Thing minus the awful acting.

Rylan also told the mag that while he may currently be single, he is looking to settle down soon and isn't interested in casual flings.

The X Factor star says: "I've been single a while now. My problem is I won't date someone unless I think I'm going to marry them"

Always a turn on.

Rylan added: "I'm all or nothing. The gay world can be promiscuous — a lot of men want to f*** you then chuck you. But that's not what I'm about."

Aw, we hope he managed to find the right guy soon and we get a feeling he won't be short of offers in the meantime!

Read the full story in Now magazine, out tomorrow

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