X Factor’s Rylan Clark: ‘My real name is Ross!’, we feel duped

X Factor's Rylan Clark has revealed that he isn't actually Rylan at all and works under a stage name!

Rylan's real name is Ross! Copyright: [rex]

We did think we hadn't heard of too many Rylans before.

Yep, Rylan's real name is plain old Ross Clark.

The truth is revealed on tonight's Xtra Factor when hosts Caroline Flack and Olly Murs show off Rylan's passport.

It says his actual name is Ross Richard Clark, to which Rylan says: "It's true! Who's Rylan? I don't know."

This got us thinking - what other stars have surprised us with their actual names.

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Did you know Fazer off N Dubz is actually called Richard? Not quite as cool, eh?

And how about Bruno Mars? Er, Peter actually.

Plus, don't forget Lady Gaga is in fact just plain old Stephanie.

So really Rylan is just getting a head start toward his new life as a bona fide celeb!

We just hope he manages to secure enough votes to make it through to next week's X Factor.

Rylan *ahem* Ross put in another ridiculously over the top performance last night and even Gary Barlow admitted he quite enjoyed it.

Nicole shows her appreaciation for Rylan's performance. Coyright: [rex]

Nicole Scherzinger meanwhile decided to show her appreciation by clambering on top of the judge's desk.

Well, they do say action speak louder than words.