‘If X Factor’s Rylan Clark joins TOWIE then we will leave’ say Mario Falcone and Kirk Norcross

TOWIE's Mario Falcone and Kirk Norcross say they will leave the hit show if X Factor's Rylan Clark joins as a full time cast member.

Mario and Kirk say they will leave if Rylan joins. Copyright: [wenn/rex]

Well, that's not really the spirit, is it boys?

Mario has lashed out on Rylan, calling him a 'douchebag' (er, rude much?!), and said that Essex 'hates him'.

He told Digital Spy: "If he comes on Monday's live show, that's fine because it's all for charity"

"But if he comes on TOWIE as a main character, I'm leaving. We hate him. He's a douche-bag."

We beg to differ.

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However, Kirk agreed and said: "I've met Rylan before and he's actually a really nice boy"

"But when people think of Essex they just think of the abbreviation, the 'Shut-up', the 'Oh my god' - that was all Amy Childs and we don't want that."

Well sorry lads, but er, we kind of do...

Oh shaaaat up! Surely these two are the best things about Essex and we reckon Nicole would agree too Copyright: …

Mario added: "We've moved away from that. I don't think he'd benefit the show. Bobby and Joey said they'd leave as well."

Yep, we sniff some drama a brewing in ol' Essex.

Plus, after Rylan pretty much confessed to us that he will star in Monday's TOWIE live episode, we dread to think what dramz could kick off.

Actually, we take that back - we can't blimmin' wait!