X Factor Rylan Clark exclusive: I’m the reason for Nicole Scherzinger’s popularity

Last night saw Nicole Scherzinger lose the first of her boys from The X Factor in the form of Rylan Clark.

During his time in the competition Rylan Clark formed a close friendship with the judge, something that he claims to be the reason for her popularity on this year's show.

Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, the eccentric performer told us that he brought Nicole out of her shell.

Rylan has claimed that he brought the fun side out of Scherzy. Copyright [Rex]

He told us: "Lots of people say they are friends with Nicole. It's b******* but we have a genuine friendship.

"I brought out that [fun] side of Nicole. I was her golden ticket.

"People were worried about her up until bootcamp but the second I went through she started having fun."

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Well there's no denying that some of our favourite Nicole moments on this year's X Factor have included Rylan.

Nicole jokingly agrees to getting a vajazzle from Amy Childs. Not her best idea. Copyright [Rex]

We never thought we'd see the day when Nicole Scherzinger would agree to having a vajazzle of Rylan Clark's face from Amy Childs, that's for sure.

And it seems that bringing out Nicole's fun side has worked in her favour with show insiders telling The Sun that Simon Cowell has been impressed with her performance on this year's show.

A source said: "It is fair to say that Simon and the production team have been thrilled with Nicole's performance. She has been absolutely great.

"Simon is a huge fan of hers and the production team think she has been a revelation.

"There won't be any decision on the make-up of the 2013 panel until next year but she has certainly made a good impression. Simon is really up for her coming back."